Client Services

A proactive professional approach

Our clients have different needs and processes, which makes our partnership approach invaluable to every business we work with. By getting to know you and your business, we're able to find the ideal candidates and provide you with the services that truly support your company as it moves forward.

Through partnership, we build trust and a deep understanding of your aims. As a result, we're able to add even greater value to the services we deliver, providing guidance and advice where it is useful and developing a foundation upon which a long-term relationship can flourish.

A bespoke approach to search and selection

At Thomas & Dessain we offer a tailored approach and prefer to work as a partnership with our client to achieve this. We begin with a detailed client brief and like to engage with key stakeholders to define the key parameters to define the position and candidate specification to enable us to identify the best people.

We have years of experience and track record of identifying key talent record of identifying key talent and have an extensive list of contact at senior level spread internationally with whom we can seek information and advice.

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Permanent recruitment

We understand that your company is your people, and this means the recruitment process is fundamental to your success.

Whether you need the very best school leavers and graduates or are looking for a new senior executive, we are aware of the importance of our role as your trusted recruitment partner.

We apply the same rigorous candidate selection process to every position you ask us to fill, finding robust and talented candidates who will help you take your business to the next level.

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Non-executive Directorships

Experienced, knowledgeable and talented Non-executive Directors (NEDs) are crucial to the success of many businesses.

Our substantial database of prospective NEDs gives us a head start in finding the right candidates for your board. Every candidate has been reviewed, interviewed and assessed to assess their suitability. If a suitable candidate is not found in our own database, we conduct a discreet, customised search or a more prominent selection using advertising.

We follow a professional, independent and objective process that demonstrates the highest standards of corporate governance, relieving sponsors and advisers of the risk of reputational damage through the proposal of inappropriate candidates.

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Interim & short-term positions

We personally undertake interviews wherever in the world, they may be to ensure the candidate not only has the technical skills but is also the best cultural fit. We assist with negotiations once an offer has been made and help to integrate the successful candidate into your organisation.

Legal and regulatory compliance are crucial: every candidate goes through a KYC process that involves verification of their passport or driving licence, residential details and examination certificates. Every candidate we put forward will have the legal right to live and work in their jurisdiction.

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Corporate Governance Advisory Services

Effective governance builds value and mitigates against risks. Designing and implementing robust corporate governance systems requires both careful consideration and informed evaluation.

Over two decades, Thomas & Dessain has built up considerable expertise  in corporate governance. We advise boards, individuals, groups and committees on general or specific issues. We have developed a formal Board Effectiveness Review process, which ensures compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, but is also proportionate to the needs of Channel Island companies.

As a knowledgeable external resource, we bring impartiality and objectivity to designing governance systems or populating a Board of Directors and advising on remuneration.

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Coaching can play a key role in getting the most from your colleagues, and contribute enormously to their professional development.

Our experienced consultants provide coaching services that enable individuals to improve their performance at work, increase their personal and professional satisfaction, and develop core, non-technical skills that are increasingly necessary for business success.

Our coaching is non-judgmental and non-prejudicial: it is a collaborative partnership and an extremely positive process that helps people develop their confidence, focus and motivation.

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Psychometric profiling

Psychometric tests are a useful tool in the recruitment process and continual assessment of colleagues. Our tests objectively measure mental ability and personality, providing employers with a reliable tool to enhance decision-making when choosing new candidates or selecting for promotion.

Members of our team are accredited to administer and analyse psychometric tests, giving you further assurances that you are hiring the best candidates for your business.

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